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The purpose of this page is to provide Home Loan options for people who have less than perfect credit. Most people know that, at some point, they will have to start the process of repairing their credit. You can get 100% Free Information that will help you stop collection calls. Avoid credit repair scams. Choose the right service to fix your credit report. And raise your credit score. Plus receive a Free Credit Evaluation. Sign Up Now at CreditAssist1.com.

But this page you are on now provides info about home financing for people who have negative credit reports. And explains how home mortgages operate in general.

As a first step all  reputable home mortgages will give you a personalized quote which is called the pre-qualification. This is non-binding and little more than a phone, or email, conversation. They will asked for your income information, plus your monthly debts, they may do a quick review of your credit report, and then tell you what your options are.

Then you can request a pre-qualification letter that you can take to a Realtor of your choice. From there, the agent you choose will be with you every step of the way through the entire home buying process… coordinating with the home loan finance company… completing the full loan application… loan processing… and closing!

You can apply online to find home loans for bad credit whether you are a first time home buyer, or not. There are even programs for previous homeowners with a house foreclosure on your record from prior years.

No matter where you live in the country, you have options to apply for bad credit mortgages with programs tailored for your individual needs. You just simply submit a no obligation application online.

Here Are Some Important Tips When Applying For A Home Loan:

When dealing with any mortgage company, NEVER send them any money upfront.

Any reputable mortgage company should be able to look at your credit report and ask about your monthly income, and debts. Based on just these three things they can not make any promises or guarantees. However they should be able to give you a very good ideal of what they can, or can not, do for you. This should not cost any money!

Once they tell you that you have been pre-qualified, then you obtain a Pre-Qualification Letter and a Good Faith Estimate, which is a written itemized list of all your loan charges and fees.

You then take those documents to a real estate agent that you choose and feel comfortable working with. From that point on the agent will assist you step-by-step in finding a home, and communicating with the mortgage company. The real estate agent will then advise you when it is okay to send in money to pay for an application fee, home appraisal fee, etc.

All mortgage companies are going to require supporting documents from you like proof of income, W2’s, tax returns, etc. So you should get these things ready.


FIRST: Get Pre-Qualified
THEN: Get the Pre-Qualified Letter
THEN: Find a Realtor

There are companies who specifically work with people who have less than perfect credit. They make loans to people who would be denied by the banks.

Yes, of course, you should expect a higher interest rate. But you will always have the option to re-finance, to a lower rate, once your credit improves. This is another reason why you should start the process of repairing your credit.

Most people never know that these companies exist. They do not advertise on TV, or Radio, or the Internet, etc. So how do you find them?

There are membership services that these lenders belong to. By becoming a member you gain instant access to all of these different money sources. Think membership to a club. Membership to a gym. Membership to Costco, etc. It is the same thing. Members have access to benefits that the general public does not.


CreditAxis Is One Of The Very Best
Sources For Bad Credit Home Loans

They have thousands of people who become members, and then get approved for loans.

With CreditAxis, there is only a one time $35.95 cost to become a member! This will give you instant access to a current database of lenders who make loans to people who have negative credit reports.

Once you become a member you will have unlimited lifetime access to the database of lenders. The database is updated often. You deal directly with the loan company. Follow the advice we have provided for dealing with Mortgage Companies. You can apply to more than one company to compare your options.


* They do not automatically deny you because of your credit report

* Slow payments, judgments, or liens, will not automatically disqualify you

* Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Repossession, will not automatically disqualify you

* They understand Lost of job, Divorce, Medical, etc.

* You always have an opportunity to fully explain your situation

* Instant Access, Apply Online, Fast Approval Process


Everything is organized. Home Loans, Refinance, Personal Loans,  Auto Loans,  Debt Consolidation, or Loans for any reason. And yes, even a Payday Loan, if that is all you are looking for. This is what your membership gets you. Everything is conveniently organized all in one place. You can submit an online application to whoever, for whatever, you choose to.

But, here is the main reason why we recommend CreditAxis. Your $35.95 image is a picture of creditaxis.com website for bad credit loansmembership fee is processed by ClickBank. They are a secure, trusted, internet payment processor. They are second only to PayPal. You can choose PayPal as your form of payment if you like. But it is processed through ClickBank. And ClickBank has a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

That’s right, this completely eliminates any risks to you! Become a member. And then you will have 2 months to find a loan. Clearly, it will not take that long to get approved for a loan.
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