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For Bad Credit Cell Phones

The purpose of this page is to provide Mobile Phone Service options for people who have less than perfect credit. Most people know that, at some point, they will have to start the process of repairing their credit. You can get 100% Free Information that will help you stop collection calls. Avoid credit repair scams. Choose the right service to fix your credit report. And raise your credit score. Plus receive a Free Credit Evaluation. Sign Up Now at CreditAssist1.com.

But this page you are on now provides information about bad credit cell phones with no credit checks, and no contracts. It is intended to help people who have negative credit reports get reliable, and affordable, mobile phone service.

It is also intended for those who want to avoid being tied down to a long term service contract. It will explain how this type of mobile service works. There is also a link further down this page where you can apply online with no credit check.

The picture below clearly shows just one of many situations in life that makes a cell phone not just a convenient thing to have, but a major necessity!

We are constantly bombarded with TV ads from the major companies like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T mobile. They have many calling plan options. However if you are a person with bad credit you quickly find out that your options are very limited.

Because the very first thing those companies do is run a credit report. If it comes back as unacceptable to them, then people are denied the service. Or required to make a upfront deposit that can be as high as $500 or more.

So the question is: Where can people who have negative credit reports get cell phone service?

There are other options available! You can get mobile phone service even if you have poor credit. Prepaid cell phone plans can be your very best choice.  There are also many people with good credit who prefer this type of service in order to avoid contracts which would lock them into services for a designated amount of time and money.


* Unlike standard cell phone service, prepaid wireless plans do not require you to sign a contract.

* Since you’re required to pay for the minutes that you use up-front, there’s no monthly bill to bad credit cell phoneswork into your budget.

* For those who have negative credit, prepaid cell phone services have no credit checks.

* If you have teens or younger children that will require a cell phone in order to stay in touch with you throughout the day, prepaid cell phones are a wonderful option, since there’s no age requirements.

* There are no hidden fees that are tacked on by cell phone carriers who offer the prepaid option. Since everything is paid in advance, it’s one price for the service, without any extra charges hanging over your head.


One of the very best cell phone service for people with less than perfect credit is available through a company everybody knows. Yes it is Walmart! We all know Walmart wants to get a piece of everything. So why not cell phone service. And it is a huge benefit to you.

Straight Talk is a month-to-month wireless service sold by Walmart and supported by TracFone. They report “full coverage in 99.6% of the cellular populations” and is contracted with major carriers,

Their slogan says it all. “Same Phones, Same Network, Half The Price” And think about that for a moment. Walmart doesn’t make cell phones. That’s Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. And Walmart doesn’t own any cell phone towers. That’s Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, etc. So obviously, Walmart had to work out some sort of deal with them. And we benefit from that.

What Makes Straight Talk Wireless Great
The up-front price of $45 per month includes unlimited minutes, texts, and data. In the past, users who went over 2.5GB of LTE data per month were then throttled down to 2G speeds. But now that limit has been expanded to 5GB of data per month.

There are No Credit Checks, No Deposits, and No Contracts, No Termination Fees. You pick the phone you want to purchase. Then start the service. It really is that simple!

Recently there have been other discount cell phone service advertising $35 or $30 per month. But if you care about data then Straight Talk is by far the cheapest plan that allows for so much data per month. Those other company slow down your speed after you reach 1 GB.

There are also choices for numerous high-end smartphones purchase directly through Straight Talk. However, it doesn’t appear to allow financing for any models at this time, which is a downside for anyone who doesn’t want to pay the full-price for a high-end phone upfront. There are many lower-end models available though at more affordable prices.

Bad Credit Cell PhonesStraight Talk Can Save You Money
Compared to the plans now available from the big four carriers Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, Straight Talk offers a lot more for your money.
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