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The purpose of this page is to provide Auto Loan options for people who have less than perfect credit. Most people know that, at some point, they will have to start the process of repairing their credit. You can get 100% Free Information that will help you stop collection calls. Avoid credit repair scams. Choose the right service to fix your credit report. And raise your credit score. Plus receive a Free Credit Evaluation. Sign Up Now at

But the page you are on now provides info about bad credit auto financing, and re-financing your existing loan. It provides an overview of how auto loans for people who have poor credit works.

If you know that you have a negative credit report, or low credit scores then you already know that getting approved for a new or used car loan at a dealership can be very difficult.

Maybe you have already been turned down in the past. But you should know that there are options available to you. There are companies that specialize in auto financing programs specifically for those who have a bad credit rating. Today, thanks to the internet, getting access to these type of loan programs is very convenient.

There are auto loan networks in which there only business is to provide options for people with less than perfect credit. They work in partnership with financial companies  nationwide. As well as a  network of car dealerships. These loan programs can be used for car, truck, and motorcycle buyers who don’t have the best credit reports.

No matter if you have bad credit, or no credit,  there are programs available to help you get that new, or used car, regardless of your previous car payment history. Even a repossession will not disqualify you. They have an easy application process. Some companies offer Sameimage is a banner ad where you can submit an application for car loan with a low credit score Day Auto Loan Approval regardless of your credit rating or previous car loan history.

No matter where you live in the U.S. There is are auto lenders that helps people everyday who have been previously turned down for a car loan.

Some of these auto lenders have a network of car dealers that are members. Once your loan is approve you will be contacted by the dealer.

Others will pre-approve you for the loan and then you purchase the car from anywhere providing that the car’s value meets or exceeds the amount of the loan.

In either case you will know that you are approved for a loan BEFORE you ever talk to the person selling the car. This puts you in a very powerful position.  There is a link further below on this page where you can submit a free, no obligation, auto loan application.

Ready to buy a new, or late model used car? Concerned about your credit score? Then you need to work with the leading automobile loan source that offers all types of car loans. And has an easy approval process.



24/7 Auto Financing Is A Leader In Online Car Loans. They Have Programs Available Specifically For Bad Credit.


* They Do Not Deny You Because Of Your Credit Report

* Slow Payments, Judgments, Or Liens, Will Not Disqualify You

* Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Or Repossession, Will Not Disqualify You

* They Understand Lost Of Job, Divorce, Medical, Etc.

* You Always Have An Opportunity To Fully Explain Your Situation

* Apply Online, Fast Approval Process

No matter your credit, if you need a loan to buy or refinance a car, you can do it with simple, free, online application. Of course, if you do have less than perfect credit, then you should expect a higher interest rate. But you will always have the option to re-finance, to a lower rate, once your credit improves. Another reason why you should start the process of repairing your credit.

This company offers automobile loans that come with fixed rates for the life of your loan. Others may say that they can help you with your car financing. But, they also have adjustable interest rates that could increase every year. This is not a concern with bad credit car loan

It does not matter if you are looking for a new, or certified used car, you can get affordable automobile loans with this one application. They make it a very simple process.

It is a Free, No Obligation, Online Application. Simply click below. You will be taken to their website. Then submit your application for an Auto Loan. Just complete the form. Since there’s no obligation. You can apply just to find out what is available to you. You will know everything upfront. Then decide if you want to accept the loan. Or not. Visit Their Website Now













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