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gfordMy name is Greg Ford. I am a real estate agent with a company called Peninsula Homes Real Estate. We help people buy homes in the Hampton and Newport News area of Virginia. Most people incorrectly think that all a Realtor does is drive people around looking at homes, they pick one to buy, then the real estate agent gets a commission. Do you really believe anything in life is that easy?

The truth is that people have to get approved for a home loan BEFORE they can buy a home. And that means CREDIT!  It means credit checks, credit reports, credit repair, and everything else you can imagine. The truth we get very few calls from people that have perfect A1 credit. If a real estate agent does not help people with their credit, they will almost never sell a home! So over the years I have seen thousands of credit reports, and have gotten a lot of experience helping people clean up their credit.

But there is more to my short story. Long before I even thought about becoming a real estate agent I was a very young 20 year old in the Air Force. Back in those days credit card companies just use to send people pre-approved Visa and MasterCard in the mail. You just had to activate it and start using it. I use to get one about every 3 or 4 months. And as you can guess it did not take long for me to max out those cards and have a lot of debt. Then I took a early discharge and got out of the Air Force sooner than expected. Suddenly all these credit card bills that I was able to handle on my military salary became impossible to pay. Things quickly deteriorated and my credit was ruin. So I am a person who personally has had very bad credit.

A few years went by. I got older and began to realize that as long as you have bad credit it will keep you down at a certain level in life. You’ll get denied for the places you really want to live, you won’t have the car you really want, forget about ever owning your home, and you even won’t get hired for certain jobs. So I knew I had to fix my credit. It took some time but eventually I paid things off, got some things removed etc. and successfully repaired my credit to the point where I was able to buy a nice condo.

But there is more. Over the years I have had quite a few jobs. And for 3 years one of those jobs was for a collection agency. That’s right, I was a bill collector. I was one of the people calling and leaving those messages on your phone everyday. However, this was one of the reputable collection agencies and we were required to learn, and follow, laws like the Federal Debt Collections Procedures Act (FDCPA) and the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). I got a lot of experience on what bill collectors can, and can not do, how to stop the calls, etc.

We all know that debt collection, in general, has a lot of negative stereotypes, an enormous bad image. However, I can tell you from personal experience that the reputable companies are never rude or abusive to people. As you can imagine, it is definitely the other way around. But we actually helped a lot of people. Those who wanted to buy a car, or buy a house, etc. and they knew that the negative stuff was keeping them down. They were just happy to learn that we would work with them as far as setting up monthly payments.

So the bottom line is, I am a guy that has had bad credit… successfully repaired my credit… helped many other people fix their credit… and helped a lot of very unwilling people understand that they needed to deal with their delinquent credit. I never planned it this way, but I have acquired a lot of experience on all the different sides of credit issue.

As a real estate agent it is kind of a requirement to learn how to create websites to advertise and market homes for sale. So, I took that knowledge and created this website. I created this site because I know there are millions of people all across the country that are in similar circumstances. Any many of these people do not understand the very basics when it comes to credit, or what their options are.

But this website is NOT really about credit repair. At some point, you will need to start the process of repairing your credit! You can get 100% Free Information that will help you stop collection calls. Avoid credit repair scams. Choose the right service to fix your credit report. And raise your credit score from our sister site. Plus receive a FREE Credit Evaluation.  Sign Up Now At CreditAssist1.com.

Eventually if you want to advance in life then you will have to start working on repairing your credit. But, in the meantime, I know from personal experience that, even though you currently have bad credit, you still need basic services in life.

This site is intended to be a resource for direct links to financial services specifically for individuals with a bad credit rating. People with poor credit still need to rent apartments, they still need phone service, they still need to buy a car, they still may need a loan from time to time, etc. They still need to live their lives and obtain financial services. And that is what this website is intended to help you with.

We provide you with a basic overview of the service and explain exactly how it works. Then you decide if you would like to submit an online application. Some are services you may already be aware of but did not fully understand how it can benefit you.

For Instance: Everyone has heard of prepaid Cell Phone Service. But did you know that the calling plans are significantly better than the way they were a few years ago. If you have been denied service by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T mobile then you can get nearly the exact same plans, unlimited text, data, with a smartphone. At a cheaper price, no contracts, and no surprises. You just have to keep in mind that the amount due does not carry over to the next bill.

Or did you know there are finance companies that specifically make Auto Loans for those that have less than perfect credit. They provide you with a free quote, and then explain all of the terms. You will know the monthly payment amount, and everything upfront. Then you decide if you want to accept it.

There is also links to services for Personal Loans that can be used for any reason. Home Buyer Loans if you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own home! Mortgage Refinance for current homeowners that have bad credit and want to refinance for a lower interest rate, a second mortgage, or home equity loan. Guaranteed MasterCard or Visa Credit Cards regardless of your credit history. Simply browse the menu column for even more services to help people with bad credit like Computers, and Ordering Your Credit Report.






crowdFinally, Services For People With Less Than Perfect Credit!
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